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One Heart Beating

1 Heart Beating

I painted the background for this utterly charming little piece looking out a window at the tangle of weeds and brambles that had taken over a corner of my backyard. There were fresh rabbit tracks in the snow that morning, and I added the cottontail later, with the help of photographs. The painting is all about the warmth of that one tiny heart, beating out there in what---for my species----would be a completely inhospitable environment. While it's important to remember that we can aid animals by providing food, fresh water and of course habitat, it's also important to remember that they have evolved adaptations we never have (except for the buying of down jackets!) that allow them to survive in conditions that would be impossible for us.

Image Dimensions
8 1/2" x 61/2"
Outer Frame Dimensions
13"x 11"
Frame Style
2 1/2" Wood/Cork Burl with Gold Leaf Fillet

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