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I believe that connection with the natural world is a universal human need, although each of us is welcome to define “connection” and “natural” differently. My connection is through my paintings, and for me the natural world is that which is around me, wherever I am. I’ve lived in cities; I’ve lived in the country; I’ve live in suburbia. Each realm has its own version of nature. I’ve painted street trees, window boxes and tiny backyard gardens in the city; fallow fields, orchards and rows of standing corn in the country; backyard birds and lush gardens in the suburbs. And all have made me feel deeply and happily connected to nature.

I grew up in what was at that time a mostly rural landscape in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. My family home backed up to the Delaware Canal, which was a wonderful venue for childhood adventures: fishing in summer, ice skating in winter, and long walks in every season.

I lived in California—mostly in Los Angeles—for a decade, then returned to my roots in Southeastern Pennsylvania. All of it informed my art; all of those very diverse landscapes became paintings. I work outdoors often, albeit rarely for an entire painting: I make color sketches, take notes and photographs in the field, and then create finished work in my studio. For me, the result is the best of both worlds, with the immediacy and spontaneity of plein air technique blended with the craftsman-like calm of the studio.  
The result is here for you to enjoy, as I have enjoyed every step in bringing these images to life!

I began writing even before I began painting. A few years ago I completed a series of related novels collectively entitled Suburban Sprawl. My novels all set in Bucks County, albeit in a rather surreal version of the area. My fiction uses plots as simple as a soap opera to explore some very complex themes, and I enjoy juxtaposing those archetypal plots with offbeat humor, a glaze of sexuality and a touch of the paranormal.

Another lifelong interest has been Tarot and I Ching. My guide to reading Tarot cards, The Language of Tarot, is the culmination of over fortty years of work with the Oracle, as is my upcoming book, The Language of I Ching.

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