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Suburban Sprawl--a continuing series of novels--is my tribute to suburbia, circa right now.

Manicured lawns (and rehab), domestic bliss (and domestic violence), golf clubs (and strip clubs)--welcome to suburbia, circa right now! A series of novels featuring the same cast of characters, Suburban Sprawl is one scoop erotica, one scoop murder mystery and one scoop ghost story, with a generous dollop of wicked satire.

It all begins with The Liar's Guide, an erotic ghost story and murder mystery about the quirky human need to keep secrets--and the delight some people take in creating multiple lives. Handsome Jack Marin hires ex-stripper Laura, and his jilted mistress and passive-aggressive wife set out to create the perfect soccer mom murder plot. Staking out Laura's house, one brings home-baked cupcakes; the other brings a Glock.

The chaos continues in The Chilling Effect, as suddenly-famous writer Debbie Bloom draws the lethal attention of her bitter ex-husband and a murderous chameleon. Meanwhile, her passion for bad boy Jack Marin simmers--well, until it starts to boil over, of course!

When is it love, and when is it obsession? Intertwined stories of obsessive passion wrap and tighten around each other like a noose as Owning Betty spins out in a claustrophobic landscape of recurring ice storms and murder. Meanwhile, Laura strays from the unlikely domestic bliss she has found with Jack, and her dead husband simply refuses to let go with love.

The fourth volume in Suburban Sprawl, The Suicide Tour (A Love Story), is a story about unlikely love--and cyber stalking! When is it love, and when is it suicide? It's hard to tell as someone Jack Marin loves mysteriously disappears, and a lethal stalker finds a welcoming home in cyberspace.

In Leviathan, two murder mysteries, a cyber stalker and an immanent flood create an atmosphere as ominous as the constant rainfall as one bad boy flees the country and another trades one addiction for another. Meanwhile, the ghost population of Bucks County, Pennsylvania keeps growing.

And in Switch, volume six in Suburban Sprawl, the only thing you can count on is that everything will change. Established relationships end and new alliances are formed as sadomasochistic sex leads to tricky "disposal issue" and baby booties become the final straw for a mercurial lover. Dark humor ties it all together.

Set in a surreal landscape in transition--where mega-malls and McMansions sprout cheek-to-jowl with redneck bars and strip clubs--and populated by characters consumed with unintentionally hilarious self-involvement, Suburban Sprawl is sexy, satirical and scary.

I also am the author of The Language of Tarot , a comprehensive guide to Tarot cards, teaching every aspect of reading. A valuable asset for both new and experienced readers, it places particular emphasis on understanding the role of the often-overlooked Court Cards in readings, as well as explaining the different nuances each card takes on as read in the context of a multi-card spread. With clear directions for applying every card to relationship, financial and medical questions, as well as an extensive explanation of the common card combinations every reader should know, The Language of Tarot is a valuable addition to existing titles on this fascinating subject.

My newest project, The Language of I Ching, the result of over forty years of my interaction with the most ancient book on earth, is a companion volume to my The Language of Tarot. A profusely illustrated guide to the ancient oracle, it teaches every aspect of reading I Ching . The Language of I Ching places particular emphasis on understanding how to put all of the components of a reading together into a meaningful whole and presents the Oracle's guidance in clear, easy-to-understand contemporary language.

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