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Subscribe to a free podcast of excerpts from The Language of Tarot on iTunes right now, or subscribe to a free podcast of the first four books in my series of novels, Suburban Sprawl on iTunes. You may also subscribe using the RSS Feed widgets to the left.

The Suburban Sprawl podcast contains the first four novels in the series, extant, as well as introductions, videos, commentaries, interviews, radioplays, essays and lots of other great free entertainment.

And now the the 5th novel in Suburban Sprawl, Leviathan is available as a pay-to-listen podcast. Subscribe to it here. And be current with Suburban Sprawl by subscribing to the 6th book, Switch, by subscribing here.

If you have or want an iTunes account, you may subscribe to my Podcasts there for optimum flexibility. Listen whenever you want on your computer, load onto any MP3 player, burn to a CD, and be alerted when new chapters are released. You do not need an iPhone or iPod to use iTunes.

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