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Bare Bones


I'm often asked how I paint snow scenes since I work on site. The answer is that paintings such as Bare Bones are painted looking out a window, allowing me to be in a heated room or at least my truck while I paint. Rarely, there are winter days warm enough to allow outdoor painting in the climate where I live, but then there certainly wouldn't be snow on the ground! In this case I was looking out the atrium doors that lead to my deck. You are looking at a part of my backyard.

Bare Bones is a painting about the stripped-down, minimalist, monotone quality of winter. I enjoy winter because it's possible to see the architecture of nature: trees without leaves, a naked landscape that is utterly honest about structure. Even with the softening of a fresh layer of snow, this scene expresses the simplicity of winter. The male cardinal (that bright red dot to the left) is a reminder that life goes passionately on in spite of how bleak the landscape can appear, however. Not all species find winter as inhospitable place as humans do!

Image Dimensions
10" x 17"
Outer Frame Dimensions
14 1/2" x 21 1/2"
Frame Style
1 1/2" Wood/Barn Board with 1 " Linen-Covered Liner



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