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Blue Ridge Sonata


Few places I know are as peaceful as the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Lebanon & Lancaster Counties, Pennsylvania. The facility includes over 6,000 acres set aside in 1973 to provide habitat for wildlife. Blue Ridge Sonata is a view of one of the many open vistas that encompass the gently rolling farmland, impoundments and undulating ridgelines that are typical of this part of the state------or at least were once typical, before suburbia encroached! In this piece the ribbons of the recently cut fields, in shades of green, contrast with the hazy lavenders and blues in the far distance. Except for a skein of geese, the landscape has a profound stillness. When I paint in Bucks County I see-----and am seen by------lots of people, no matter where I set up my easel. I painted for two days at Middle Creek and never spoke to a soul.

Image Dimensions
15" x 7 1/2"
Outer Frame Dimensions
22" x 14 1/2"
Frame Style
1 1/2" Wood/Gold Leaf with 2 1/4" Gold-Leaf Liner



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