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Canal Bridge - North of Yardley

Canal Bridge - North of Yardley

My childhood home abutted the towpath of the Delaware Canal in Washington Crossing, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. As a child I found great delight in the still, reflective surface of the canal, the massed greenery alongside it and the elegantly curving delineation of the towpath. I still do.  

The 60-mile Delaware Canal is the only remaining, continuously intact canal of the great towpath canal building era of the early and mid-19th century. Today, the canal retains almost all of its features as they existed during its century of commercial operation. The original bridges over the canal were distinctive: Wooden, painted red, in a camel-back shape. The canal and its towpath were designated a state park a 1988 and those ld bridges are now maintained by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania..

This view of the bridge closest to my parents’ house includes all the elements I find so compelling in the unique canal landscape: strong, lateral shadows, vividly sunlit patches, a bridge with stunningly its simple design and soft reflections in the quiet waters.


Image Dimensions
12" x 24"
Outer Frame Dimensions
18" x 30"
Frame Style
3 1/4" Gold Leaf on wood
Price upon request

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