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Cold Beauty


I'm often asked how I paint snow scenes since I work on site. The answer is that paintings such as Cold Beauty are painted looking out a window, allowing me to be in a heated room or at least my truck while I paint. Rarely, there are winter days warm enough to allow outdoor painting in the climate where I live, but then there certainly wouldn't be snow on the ground! In this case I parked my truck in a public access area and painted this bridge over the Delaware Canal in relative comfort.

Cold Beauty is a painting about the surprising amount of color in the winter landscape: the pinks and blues of the reflected light on the snow, the drama of an early morning sky. I began this piece at 8:00 AM the first morning after a big snowstorm, but someone had already been out before me, leaving a trail of footprints along the towpath. Unlike my summer work with the canal, however, I saw no one else during the entire three hours I worked on this painting.

Image Dimensions
7" x 11"
Outer Frame Dimensions
14 3/4" x 18 3/4"
Frame Style
1 1/2" Wood/Cork with 2 1/2" Gold Leaf Liner


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