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Coneflowers and Monarch

Coneflowers & Monarch

My gardens are my joy, my therapy, and the great inspiration for my art. I love to mix perennial and annual plants, colors, textures, heights—for me the real beauty is the way it all comes together, and the fact that it’s different each year. This corner of a perennial border features a large clump of mature Coneflowers intermingled with spikes of Liatris and, behind and among them, the delicate tufts of Monarda. All share a color palette of lavender-pink, yet each has a distinctive texture and contrasting shape. And all bloom during the same mid-summer period, the time of the insects, when butterflies flit through my gardens on wings lit with sparkling sunlight. I especially love the way the striking orange of the Monarchs’ wings almost vibrate alongside the cool pink of the Coneflowers, whose spiky orange and brown centers pull all the colors together in this small painting.


Image Dimensions
8" x 10"
Outer Frame Dimensions
14"x 16"
Frame Style
3" Gold Leaf over Wood
Price upon request

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