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Cornfield - Second Planting

Cornfield - Second Planting

The part of Bucks County, Pennsylvania here I grew up has changed dramatically over the years. The farms are gone now, except for a scattered few that have been legally preserved as open land in a landscape now filled to capacity with new construction. This can be very disorienting, when I return seeking the vistas with which I grew up. Another way to preserve them, however, is within my power: by painting them.

Whether this field, planted late in summer with a second crop of corn, will still exist when I return, I cannot say. But I will always remember the stillness, the heat rising above the cornflowers, pink clover and dandelions growing wild along its edge, the honking of the geese flying overhead and the familiar, verdant smell of corn in tassel.


Image Dimensions
12" x 24"
Outer Frame Dimensions
18" x 30"
Frame Style
3 1/4" Gold Leaf on wood

Price upon request

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