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The Dance of Two



This is a painting about balance and symmetry . . . and about how that doesn't mean a mirror image, but an organic reflection. It's a painting about relationships, about friendship and about love. The Dance of Two refers to how such a balance is constantly changing, morphing, often going back and forth between extremes.

I painted it at the edge of a woods a few miles from my home during two very cool and misty days. Frankly, it was a physical challenge to finish it because the weather was not exactly conducive to sedentary work outdoors. Most of the time it was drizzling rain, which had the advantage of keeping my acrylic palette moist, but otherwise has little to recommend itself for painting on site. Nevertheless, I enjoy this piece a lot and seem to grow fonder of it as time goes by. I've been told it's a very romantic piece, that there is quality of softness and hopefulness to it that is difficult to put into words. I think that has something to do with the color range and the contrast between the soft gray/green of the mist and the crisp orange/yellows of the leaves still clinging to the little Witch Hazel tree in the foreground.

Image Dimensions
18 1/2" x 25"
Outer Frame Dimensions
25" x 31"
Frame Style
1 1/2" Wood/Gold Leaf with 2 1/4" Gold Leaf Liner

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