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Delaware Canal - South Toward Yardley

Delaware Canal - South Toward Yardley

My childhood home abutted the towpath of the Delaware Canal in Washington Crossing, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. As a child I found great delight in the still, reflective surface of the canal, the massed greenery alongside it and the elegantly curving delineation of the towpath. I still do.

The 60-mile Delaware Canal is the only remaining, continuously intact canal of the great towpath canal building era of the early and mid-19th century. Today, the canal retains almost all of its features as they existed during its century of commercial operation.

This view looking south toward Yardley from near my parents’ house includes encapsulates the tranquility of a landscape I have painted many, many times.


Image Dimensions
12" x 12"
Outer Frame Dimensions
18" x 18"
Frame Style
3 1/4" Gold Leaf on wood

For sale only as a set with its companion painting,

Delaware Canal - North Toward Washington Crossing

Price upon request

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