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The Height of October


The Height of October was painted at a little overlook off Fretz Mill Road here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Pannacussing Creek runs at the bottom of the steep, rocky cliff you are looking over the edge of in this painting, flowing into Lumberville and the Delaware River.

I really like the contrast between the softness of the trees across the hollow and those crisp, papery, backlit maple leaves in the foreground. I walk my dogs past this overlook often and the wonderful mistiness of the background caught my attention one morning. I went directly home (well, as "directly" as you ever can with dogs!) and grabbed an easel so I could capture it. Lighting conditions such as this one change very quickly, especially in the fall, when we often get those partly cloudy days where the light is different every 10 minutes. People who watch me painting on site are usually amazed by how quickly I paint. There's no mystery to why: if you don't work fast, you're not going to capture the light you want.

Image Dimensions
17 3/4" x 13 1/2"
Outer Frame Dimensions
24" x 20"
Frame Style
1 1/2" Wood/Barn Board with 2" Linen-Covered Liner


Price upon request.

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