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High Tundra Fall

I traveled to Alaska's Denali National Park in September, 1998 and was blessed with fabulous, unseasonably-warm weather for my entire stay of 10 days. During that time, I was able to complete several small on-site paintings and a lot of on-site working sketches, which I was able to turn into large pieces upon my return. High Tundra Fall is one of the latter, combining sketches I completed of some typical Alaskan interior landscapes: the scree-covered ridgelines, colorful fall tundra flora and broad, open vistas. Whenever I look at it I am vividly reminded of my trip and the utterly alien----and uniquely beautiful----topography I found there., as well as the mother Grizzly Bear with two cubs who patiently accomodated the group of artists I was traveling with, allowing us to sketch and photograph them for over an hour as they worked their way across the tundra.

Image Dimensions
33 1/2" x 19"
Outer Frame Dimensions
39" x 24"
Frame Style
11/2" Wood/Gold Leaf with 1 1/2" Walnut Burl Liner

Price upon request.

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