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The Liar's Guide

One scoop murder mystery, one scoop erotica, one scoop ghost story, with a dollop of wicked satire,The Liar's Guide is a quirky novel about the quintessential need to keep secrets--and the delight some people take in creating multiple lives.

Manicured lawns (and rehab), domestic bliss (and domestic violence), golf clubs (and strip clubs)--welcome to suburbia, circa right now!. Handsome Jack Marin hires ex-stripper Laura Greggor, and his jilted mistress and passive-aggressive wife set out to create the perfect soccer mom murder plot. Staking out Laura's house, one brings home-baked cupcakes; the other brings a Glock.

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The Liar's Guide

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*Introduction to Suburban Sprawl

PDF file 2 pages

* Introduction to The Liar's Guide

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* The Liar's Guide

Paperback & eBook

6" x 9" - 271 pages

ISBN: 1441461876




Suburban Lies- A Video Trailer for The Liar's Guide



Suburban Odyssey - A Video Interlude

Ride along with my central character, Jack Marin, as he drives from his home in lush, verdant suburban Bucks County, PA, through an increasingly gritty landscape on his way to Philadelphia International Airport and the adventures the perennial bad boy anticipates will follow.

A Pooka Production.

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The Liar's Guide is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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