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Moving Day

The large Rhododendrons that flank one side of my home have provided endless subject matter for paintings over the years, in all seasons. And almost every spring robins build a nest somewhere in the Rhodos. Often the young robins are ready to fledge, to leave the nest on Moving Day, just as the Rhodos bloom. This is the last youngster still left, reluctant to leave the nest even though it is beginning to fall apart and he's outgrown it. He left soon enough, of course----some things cannot be delayed or denied. I find this piece refreshing and invigorating, a painting about new life, hope and the eternal renewal of spring!

Image Dimensions
15" x 10"
Outer Frame Dimensions
22" x 18"
Frame Style
1 3/4" Wood/Gold Leaf with 2 1/4" Gold Leaf Liner

Price upon request.

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