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Now that I have finished my Suburban Sprawl series of novels, I am once again focusing my time and energy on painting. Expect many updates to this website in the coming weeks as I give it a facelift and add new work.

Also, my newest book, The Language of I Ching, is now available for sale here as a PDF, or on as a paperback or an eBook. It's the culmination of over thirty years of work with the Oracle, and will teach you, step by step, how the access the wisdom of this most ancient guide.

My free Suburban Sprawl podcast is currently number 2 among several thousand podcast novels on iTunes. My free The Language of Tarot podcast is number 1 among podcasts on that subject on iTunes, and has held that position for the past 110 months. Pretty cool, huh?

Something else new: A sampler of the first two chapters of all the Suburban Sprawl novels, commentaries, even an interview with me, all for free. Listen by clicking Suburban Sprawl Sampler then right click on each episode and select "Save target as" to download it. The feed will be updated as I add new novels, so please subscribe.

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