To add a podcast to your iTunes library:

* If the podcast feed is subscribed to outside of iTunes, select and copy the URL, which will end with the extension .xml

* Open iTunes on your PC or Mac

* Click "Advanced" on the top toolbar

*Click "Subscribe to a podcast"

*Paste the URLinto the window

*Click "Okay"

* Show the podcast as a list, not icons (there are buttons to the left of the iTunes search window to choose display type)

* To download all episodes, click the arrow to the left of the podcast name,then click "Get" for each episode.

* The podcast will now download into your iTunes library and will be added to your iPod when you next sync it.


To add this podcast to a feedreader other than iTunes:

Use the above method, pasteing in the URL after finding "Add podcast" or "Subscribe to podcast" window in your feedreader.


To download all podcast episodes as an audiobook rather than a podcast:

* Double-click the podcast feed to open it in your browser

* Right click on each episode and select "Save target as"

*Choose or create a folder in which to keep the audiobook and download each episode to it.


Managing podcasts in your iTunes library:

Much more help from iTunes on their Podcast Tips Page

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