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Frank Lloyd Wright designed Beth Sholom Synagogue, in Elkins Park, PA in 1953; it is the only synagogue he created, and one of the most remarkable of his public buildings. It rises upward, looking at the same time remarkably natural and completely manmade, an incredible juxtaposition of organic design, historic architectural themes and futuristic flourishes.


The original plans proposed that the glass sides of the pyramid by colored amber, but Wright settled on sanded white glass instead. Asked why, he replied, "Since this is to be God's temple, I prefer to have him color the glass." I love the way the glass catches and reflects light, responding immediately as weather and lighting conditions change, and managing to blend seamlessly into the sky. The result inspires a sense of awe coupled to an appreciation of the earth to which it is rooted, since it feels so buoyant that it would surely float away it not anchored to our humble world.

Reach is the first of a series of paintings I have planned of Beth Sholom, and although it's a tiny piece I'm very pleased with the way it captures the many contradictions of this most extraordinary of buildings.

Click here for more about Beth Sholom, including a wonderful slideshow of historic photos of the building during construction.


Image Dimensions
8" x 10"
Outer Frame Dimensions
14" x 16"
Frame Style
3 1/2" Wood/Gold Leaf


Price upon request.

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