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No one writes more movingly about regret, or more passionately about love - while managing to also be hilarious- than Roberta Lee. I highly recommend Suburban Sprawl, the books and the podcast. They are consistently entertaining and thought-provoking, and you will not be disappointed.

Robert Choate


I've read/listened all the way through Suburban Sprawl for the second time and I just can't continue my day till I've posted how much I love this series! Roberta, you have a perspective on contemporary existence and humanity that rivals Twain's masterpieces of American fiction. I'm not fooled for a second by the colloquial dialogue and seemingly superficial narratives ad Roberta uses these literary devices to further embellish her message in the same way she expresses the pace of the story and the writing itself as parallel, symbiotic entities of storytelling. In years to come, this series will inevitably be used to further understand the modern American paradigm and, if the middle class endures, will be heralded as a pioneer work of interpretation which people can consult in these times when religious institution has failed and can no longer explain or control human impulse. Roberta... just watch! you are revealing a culture of truth and irony that will see those of us with open minds and hearts (not to mention senses of humor) through these morally pliable times.

Jessica Lackey

It turns out that the Great American Novel is a series, and you can listen to the first half of it for free via iTunes. Suburban Sprawlcontains the best writing I have encountered in the past 10 years and it says a lot about the sad state of the publishing industry that Roberta Lee had to self-publish in order to get her clear, eloquent prose heard. These are thoughtful books that cross several lines: the line between satire and serious, the line between erotic and romantic, and most importantly, the line between good writing and pure genius. Read the books or listen to the podcast or—like me—do both. Trust me, you will be glad you did.

Brian Shapiro

What I like about Roberta’s novels is the way the story weaves in and out of each volume. While there are characters that survive the entire series, you do not have to read the preceding volume to understand the story line, since each book has a storyline of it’s own.

Diane Sherman

Ok its a no brainer, you got sex, murder, ghosts, great writing...its Suburban Sprawl and there is NOTHNG like it!!!!

Mike Toricelli

I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how much I am enjoying your Suburban Sprawl podcasts on iTunes. We moved from Texas to Zurich August 2010 and, to my surprise, Switzerland is more "big-brother" than I could ever have imagined. I soon found that many USA Web sites are not allowed to stream audio/video to Switzerland but, thankfully, iTunes is 100% accessible.

Without a TV I depend on my laptop to keep me, well, let's just say "sane" and connected to the world as I have tried to adjust to Swiss culture. I came across your Suburban Sprawl podcasts a few months ago and immediately Jack, Laura and the gang became part of my daily life. Still, frequently, as my husband goes off to work in the morning I am login into your podcasts.

I thought that you might find it interesting to know that your podcasts stream often in Zurich and I also wanted to thank you for sharing the stories online. After five months I now have a new network of expat friends and have told them all about your entertaining podcasts. I hope they also download them and find as much enjoyment as I have in listening. My degree is in Journalism so I understand the love of writing and, again, thanks for sharing yours.

Stacy Stavinoha

These are really entertaining books. They go from being funny to sexy to serious in ways that make you want to keep involved.

Alex Prues

I could simply quote from any of the reviews already here because these are amazing books. They are so truthful and real while still being sexy, funny and outrageous. The characters are all wonderful and even if they do stupid or bad things you still can't help but sympathize. There are wild plot twists but then you realize it always makes perfect sense. I have never found another podcast I enjoy as much and when Roberta changes it so you have to pay to listen I will be the first one to sign up. If you aren't subscribed you should be, or buy the books if you want the physical thing in your hands you will not be disappointed.

Duncan Rogielle

Suburban Sprawl is amazingly entertaining. On the surface the stories seem simple, but the characters are so well written that it just draws you right in. I will also say that at times they are laugh out loud funny, but I've cryed a few times, too. I love them all, from handsome but clueless Jack to psychopath Sean, from haunted Laura to queen bitch Debbie. Wonderful!

Brookelyn Bennitz

My favorite book so far is Owning Betty. I really liked how the different plots all wrap around each other and that you really don't where its headed, but then it all makes perfect sense at the end and you realize you actually knew a lot more than you thought you did. I loved the part with Ralph the cat, too, which is the funniest scene in all the books. And the scene where Laura's boyfriend sees David's ghost literally sent chills up my spine, it was as scary as anything Stephen King writes, yet it was also funny at the same time. Excellent book!!!!

Kristina Dobbin

The Chilling Effect - It's my favorite book in the series so far because it's the spookiest one. I've read it twice so far and even if you know how it ends, its still a great story. It's the book that introduced Sean Rodriguez, who is the best villian ever. I don't know how Roberta did it, but you can't help but feel sympathy for him. He's trying so hard to get Steven to like and respect him and is willing to do anything, but it all backfires. This book also has a great Halloween party scene and a lot of very funny parts as Debbie starts becoming famous and goes on TV and has to teach herself not to fidgit and how to answer dumb questions without getting mad. All the books in the series are really good but I recommend this one the most. Thanks Roberta for such great stories!

Gillian Roarke

What a wickedly clever writer that has kept me company for months. The Suburban Sprawl series is a simply complex storyline that keeps unraveling and getting better with age and each book that accompanies it. I love the sometimes deep sometimes shallow characters that could be your next door neighbours wrapped up in suburban hell or heaven. It's one of the internets best kept secrets and I'm sure secretly her many fans would wish it to remain so. I'm so pleased I found this little gem that I too wish I could keep it a secret all to myself. Don't have time to read it? Fine, Roberta has a wonderful podcast that you should subscribe to. Not only do you get all this excitement, sex, wonderful dialogue laden exchanges, such dexterous interweaving of storylines, did I mention sex already? You also get to hear the author's views, ideas and being openly honest about her writing in each books epilogue. You won't get closer to any author who shows such insight and I'll stake a year's membership to the Bar Exam on it.

Paul Webber

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Suburban Sprawl is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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