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Roberta Lee has written a masterpiece, one of the best guides to understanding the Tarot ever offered. Saying that this is a comprehensive guide is such an understatement. It is the most thorough and clear book on this fascinating subject I have read, and I have an extensive collection of Tarot books. Whatever your level of knowledge on the subject, trust me, you need this book.

Jennifer Grossman-Becker


I am particularly pleased with the way this book deals with how to read cards in relation to surrounding cards as well as how to interpret it in different contexts. The interpretations are broken down into segments about business and money, love and sex, also medical readings, and that alone is worth the price of the book. The other great part are the way the Court Cards are explained, going into more detail and giving a clearer view than any other Tarot guide I've seen.

Tyler Rush

This is by far the best book on Tarot I have ever seen, and I have a huge collection of books on the subject. Nothing comes anywhere near to being as complete and accesible and well-organized as this one. It's also written in clear, simple language, nothing esoteric or archaic about it. It's worth the price just for the chapter on the court cards--I have never read anything that explains them better! Great for a beginner, but a must-have for experienced readers, too. If you are interested in Tarot, BUY THIS BOOK! After I bought this book, I also bought a novel by the same author called The Liar's Guide, and that's fabulous as well. Roberta Lee is just an amazingly good writter. I highly recommend anything she writes!

Suzanna Burnham

I 'LOVE this book. It is rich with dialogue. Writing a ' How To Guide' is challenging at any time but with the esoteric and symbolic nature of Tarot, it's stunning that Roberta is able to paint these verbal images that really helps someone be able to grasp ethereal concepts I also love, love the Podcasts. I am new to tarot and have been reading a lot of material and this book will be the foundation of my library. Thank you Roberta

Karen Lajoy

TThis was just the fresh start needed to get back to the endless enjoyment and enlightment of Tarot ! Gets top marks for use of language and where to cover topics in more depth. I've access to an antiquarian Traot collection as well as my own "since U District street fair days" library and this one book would do the job as well.

Would suit 21st century beginners well and can't be beat as a gift item for any holiday !

Stevie Marie

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