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Storybook Style (also called Fairy Tale or Hansel and Gretel) is a very specific architectural constraint that evolved from the highly popular Cottage, Tudor and Gothic Revival movements of the 1920s. Characterized by steeply sloped, sometimes curved roofs, small-paned windows, whimsical flourishes and highly textural materials, storybook houses can be found rather randomly anywhere in the US that was built up prior to the 1940s.

My painting Storybook is of a 1921 carriage house that is part of the old Widener/Dixon Estate in Elkin's Park, PA. I fell in love with the way the rooflines disappeared into the bright spring sky, giving the building an added layer of mystery and charm.

Image Dimensions
8" x 10"
Outer Frame Dimensions
14" x 16"
Frame Style
3 1/2" Wood/Gold Leaf

Price upon request.

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