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The Sum of Summer

The Delaware Canal was built for utterly utilitarian reasons and its design is pure practicality: only as deep as the minimum required for barge travel, with a wide, bermed bank on only one side to give mules a roadway to plod along while towing those barges. Some of the history of our canals has been overly romanticized. This was a grim, tedious business and not very forgiving for humans or mules. Most canals have been drained, filled in and------in many cases-----paved over. In the 1980's there was a plan to do all that and more to the Delaware Canal in order to turn it into a superhighway. The plans never got past various committees, which is certainly just as well, since the canal today is a lovely and unique Pennsylvania State Park that provides a thousand beautiful views such as the one I painted in The Sum of Summer.

Overarching trees, strong, lateral shadow-patterns, a quietly reflective surface and people purposefully setting out for exercise and relaxation all epitomize the Delaware Canal for me. I grew up right next to it, I've watched it go through many transformations over the decades, and I still delight in walking or cross country skiing along it . . . or painting it. The Sum of Summer is also the sum of this prototypical slice of Bucks County, PA.

Image Dimensions
12" x 12"
Outer Frame Dimensions
20" x 20"
Frame Style
1 1/2" Wood/Gold Leaf with 2 1/2" Gold Leaf Liner

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