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Virgin Snow

I'm often asked how I paint snow scenes since I work on site. The answer is that paintings such as Virgin Snow are painted looking out a window, allowing me to be in a heated room or at least my truck while I paint. Rarely, there are winter days warm enough to allow outdoor painting in the climate where I live, but then there certainly wouldn't be snow on the ground! In this case I parked my truck in an access area along the Delaware Canal just north of Center Bridge, PA and painted the canal and towpath in relative comfort.

Virgin Snow is all about the very specific shade of cool, pale mint green reflected off the frozen surface of the canal. I had been parked facing in the opposite direction all morning, painting one of the distinctive barn-red canal bridges, when I turned to look the other way. And I was immediately enthralled by the glowing ice and the overarching tree limbs. Although cross country skiers and dog-walkers had left tracks going south from the access area, no one had as yet disturbed the smooth surface of the snow toward the north.

Image Dimensions
8" x 6"
Outer Frame Dimensions
16" x 14"
Frame Style
1 3/4" Wood/Walnut Burl with 2 1/2" Gold Leaf Liner

Price upon request.

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