Podcast Resources

iTunes - The best free Podcatcher/media player/media organizer available (If you are not already an iTunes member, you will be asked for a credit card to setup your account. Please understand that the iTunes feed burner/Podcatcher/media player you download from them is free, as are all my Podcasts. Your card will never be charged unless you purchase media from iTunes , and you will be getting--in my opinion--the best Podcast/media software available. iTunes also has the widest selection of music, video and Podcasts currently on the web, priced per download, without any monthly fees.)

Audacity - Fabulous free audio recording/editing software, simply the best!

Copyright Free Music - Purchase copyright-free music for your Podcast intro and fadeout at $.99/track

Feedburner - Create a chicklet (also called widget) like these (subscribe to Suburban Sprawl ) , (subscribe to The Language of Tarot ) for your own feed for free

Feed Validator - Troubleshhot your feed for free

Free Sound Effects - Download free sound effects from PartnersInRhyme.com or from I Love Wavs

FTP for free- Best ftp client avvailable, 100 % free, for upoloading files- Coreftp

HTML editor - Free and great for xml feeds - Coffee Cup HTML Editor

iTunes Podcast Technical Specs - All you need to know to get your Podcast on iTunes plus important information for developing your own feeds including an invaluable RSS template

The best microphone for Podcasting is the fabulous, plug-and-play USB Blue Snowball. These show up on eBay often, so check there first.

Do you dream of being a talking head? Then video is for you, and I highly recommend Sony Vegas video creation software. Check eBay for 2nd hand copies.

No or limited webspace on which to host your Podcasts? No desire to create and maintain your own feed? No problem--check out Podiobooks.com, a wonderful alternative for Podcasters!

Video & audio file conversion--a seemingly endless task! Find some great free video conversion tools here, including the essential Freez iPod Video (M4P) Converter, at SmallVideo.


If you are interested in self-publishing as well: Publishing Resouces

Email: bertgrrrl@yahoo.com

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