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A Series of Related Novels

Listen to sample chapters and commentaries for all the books in the series.

* Right click on each chapter and select "Save target as"

*Choose or create a folder in which to keep the sample chapters and download each chapter to it


To add the the sample chapters to your iTunes library:

* Select and copy this URL: www.RobertaLeeArt/Podcasts/SuburbanSprawl/SuburbanSprawlSamples.xml

* Open iTunes on your PC or Mac

* Click "Advanced" on the top toolbar

*Click "Subscribe to a podcast"

*Paste the link into the window

*Click "Okay"

* Show the podcast as a list, not icons (there are buttons to the left of the iTunes search window to choose display type)

* To download all chapters, click the arrow to the left of the podcast name,

then click "Get" for each sample chapter.

The chapters will now download into your iTunes library and will be added to your iPod when you next sync it.


To add this podcast to a feedreader other than iTunes:

Try the above direct feed subscription link first, if it does not automatically open in your feedreader,

copy this URL: www.RobertaLeeArt/Podcasts/SuburbanSprawl/SuburbanSprawlSamples.xml

and paste into the "Add podcast" or "Subscribe to podcast" window in your feedreader.


You may also read reviews of Suburban Sprawl from actual readers.


Suburban Surreal - A Video Interlude to Suburban Sprawl

A trailer for my Suburban Sprawl series of related novels, Suburban Surreal takes you on a mini tour of both the real Bucks County, PA., and the fictional Bucks County of my novels.

From the McMansions and malls to the mega-schools; from the golf clubs to the strip clubs, join me as I offer up a slice of suburbia, surreal-style.

A Pooka Production.

You may watch all my videos on my bertgrrrl channel on YouTube

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